Q. Do you ship to New Zealand?

Unfortunately Bambury does not currently sell and ship directly to New Zealand customers. However, there are a number of shops and online retailers that do stock some of our products. If there is a specific Bambury product you would like please contact us at sales@bambury.co.nz or call 09 479 1375, and we will do our best to direct you to the product.


Q. Do you have a showroom or store?

Bambury is stocked through Australia and New Zealand but does not have it's own retail stores. If you would like to view our products we encourage you to visit one of our stockists. 


Q. Where do you deliver to?

Currently we are only selling online in Australia, and shipping to Australian addresses. There are however some circumstances in which we can ship overseas, to find out more please contact us at sales@bambury.co.nz


Q. What is an RRP?

RRP is an acronym that stands for Recommended Retail Price. It is the price that the manufacturer or wholesaler recommends a retailer should charge for the product. A retailer does not have to sell the product at the RRP though, they may choose to sell the product higher or lower than the suggested RRP.


Q. Where is your Head Office?

Bambury's Head Office is based in Perth, Western Australia, but we also have a Sales office based in Auckland, New Zealand. Feel free to call our New Zealand office on 09 479 1375.


Q. How do I stock Bambury in my shop?

There are a number of options when it comes to stocking Bambury, and we would love to have a chat with you! Best to talk to our New Zealand Manager on 09 479 1375 or send an email to sales@bambury.co.nz


Q. Why are Bambury cushion RRP prices so high?

Unfortunately, due to international shipping costs are based on volume, not just weight and cushions are a reasonably bulky item. Our cushion RRPs are high because they assume a customer is buying 1x cushion only and it is to be shipped on its own. Luckily, when our stockists buy Bambury stock, they buy in bulk, and therefore their shipping costs are reduced and shared across the order. This will allow for them to have lower RRPs for cushions.


Q. What is your NZBN?

NZBN: 9429035380597


Q. What if my item is faulty or broken?

If you receive a faulty or damaged Bambury product, please contact or take it back to the shop you purchased it from.